Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Café: Iris & June

Victoria as a district is bland done to excess, with ambitions to surpass itself with acres more of angled glass vying for the significance of tedious spectacle. Just back a street from the main mêlée, however, we find Iris & June, named after the proprietor's grandmothers for their giving refuge in this café's small oasis of maternal calm.

Our aeropress comes, a warm vial of silky smokey Ethiopian scented mountain air, perhaps I prefer more fruit in the palate, but it is, nevertheless a subtle distinctive and very enjoyable brew from Ozone. Our flatwhite, is a textbook pleasure. However, what really rocks my universe at this unexpected cafe are the almond croissants, dense muscular pastry tightly coiled about a nutty aggregate core the texture of love, knitted by bees - my hearty congratulations to the Little Bread Pedlars.

The compact space rendered in pallid bleached pine is all of a zen spartan stark scandi, saved from complete anaemia by a dash of Sandows blue on the chisseled flanks of the bare concrete pillars, and quite exquisite architectural floristry ~ a deeply enjoyable pleasure.

A slightly irrelevant note on airconditioning units ~ there is a gap in the market for a ceiling mounted unit which does not anticipate a ceiling-tile surround and so, undressed, feel strung with a collar and bowtie, but no shirt. Perhaps Marzocco could apply themselves to this design problem.

irisandjune.com @IrisandJune1
lbpedlar.com @LBPedlar
ozonecoffee.com @OzoneCoffee

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