Monday, 24 November 2014

love oval tote bag (buy now on etsy!)

Dear all. Love Oval Totes are available now, get them online via Etsy, (If you are new to Etsy, use this link for money off! ~ get involved it is a magical marketplace), or come to the Oval Farmer's Market and see all the wares that the Love London crowd are selling in aid of OvalCAP and VauxhallFoodbank.

Briefly to introduce the two causes: TrussellTrust is a Christian Charity which runs a massively increasing number of foodbanks providing emergency food to families in crisis, the foodbanks collectively stand urgently also as a measure of the state of injustice in BritainChristiansAgainstPoverty are a network of debt advice centres for those who have become trapped by debts, primarily their work is mediation and structuring a payment plan with creditors, but more essentially CAP partners with churches to provide holistic care and support for anyone in these circumstances. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Friday, 7 November 2014

200words: children of silicon valley

“the scoffer is an abomination to mankind” (Pr24v9)

Silicon Valley, as Babylon, is located metonymyically more than geographically. It conjures the concentrated efforts of digital city-building: a catalyst of world-creation, an accelerator for the hopes, dreams and foibles of the contemporary human condition. A future is forged in this kiln, transactions here are prophetic, entrepreneurs here are prophets, false prophets insinuates Harrison via Jesus.

What is Jesus doing name-dropped at the culmination of this sneeringly snarky, uncharitably pessimistic, fear-mongering Luddite article beset by ad hominem fallacies, broad brushes, slippery slopes, strawmen and old-fashioned cynicism? This is not the Jesus who enjoyed clubbing with the Sean Parkers of a different time (Mt9v11). Nor the Jesus who advocated extremely shrewd management of coffer enlargement (Lk6v9). Nor the Jesus who had no qualms with working for so harsh a taskmaster as Google (Mt5v27). This is a Guardian reader's own personal Jesus, presuming that Jesus would take the side of the Heideggarians. Would he? There is worlding and there is overcoming the world – a tension which meets in the incarnation – and such a meeting does change a world which needs changing.

Harrison's article is astute, while it is also indulgent. Technology, as journalism, has the power to simulate, stimulate and self-replicate. What then, Phil, is the fruit of your work?