Saturday, 3 January 2015

094 - #jamfail


hello there label reader! a short account of ppj jam woes: vexing like harry baker's preserve of paper people in paper jams, sticking sticky like cream puns in your throat but that's another messy story. a jam can fail to set for a number of reasons, all of aristotle's four causes and more including, but not limited to: too little pectin, inactivated pectin, denatured pectin, these for having cooked over-ripe or low-pectin fruit too hot, too cold, for too short or too long. the sage jammer is adroit deftly to weigh the slim just-right venn diagram of the time game set to match the measure of just-enough jammy to dodge the underviscous soup here jarred. i could pretend i intended this as a coulis, a syrup, a compôte, a very (very) loose set jam, but that would dishonest. in my heart i wanted a jam that sits up, three-dimensionally, bold on your bread slice, edgedly thung, stark chiseled and muscular. but alas.

your options now, label reader, are to reboil this jam at 105°C with new pectin for 3-5 minutes, and when it reaches setting point (wrinkles on a cooled plate), recan it in sterilised jars, wait to cool then carve as reset. or, adventurer, suffer me, humour me, to glory in its eminently drizzleable liquid jam properties, lavishly on waffles, this exotic blueberry concotion promises to add an outré flourish to any humble pancake, this liquid luxury is to be slidden more than it is slathered but generously and exuberantly so, pour with a baroque arch through pipping hot porridge, enmoat your muesli in a marbled purple, soak revival through victoria sponge, marinade your ham joint, go for broke soak smoked goose with it and break out a glaze over crème brûlée, bathe and poach pears all bedecadently in this my not-jam jam. 

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