Monday, 19 March 2012

writing about architecture: poem

Form over function, this writing a sonnet business.
With apologies.


We sought a house, we thought it through. They taught:
“You want a house to buy to sell to let.”
We made a plan, we took advice, we bought,
A money spinning spinner to forget.
“Now market it, target the shop spoilt brat.
Resell in cynical clinical games.
Reglaze, refurb and wreak all cad fad tat.
Install cleanable, demeanable, frames.”
“We'd rather not, we'd rather have, or be
A house that is what it is what it loves
That looks like it feels and sounds like it sees
Unanxious to dwell twixt earth and above.”
“Foolish, first-time sentimental buyers,
Dabbling too deep against higher powers.”

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