Saturday, 10 March 2012

texting song of solomon

Texting sex before a watching world. If it was profitable for Solomon.. Normal service will resume presently, you are all very invited to play on alternate days. 07729056452.

I have so much to learn .. v2 Love is rightly intoxicating, strive to keep our love perpetually under the influence. Drinking is dangerous, strive for safety not in the temptation to find proverbially alcohol-free substitutes but in creating safe places for fearless inebriation. That is, not drink driving but parking your serial monogamy and parking your wandering eye, and throwing away the key. .. v3 Love is between beings-named, between two more-than-the-sum-of-their-partses, loving the wholenesses of each's integrated identity. This the opposite of objectifying women, true intersubjective affection is aroused by her infinity, irreducible complexity and diversity – what is in a name. .. v10-11 Love gives function to ornament. That is, if love, affection, arousal, desire, embodiment and the pleasure of looking come naturally, so should we then build. Would that we built edifices more sexual and we were more edifying in our sexuality. .. Of 'Others' v4, v11. To whom are we such 'others'? Let us v4 exult and rejoice in J&K P&T J&N P&S J&R J&A L&S R&A S&P N&H L&W R&J, my parents and yours. Let us v11 make ornaments for them. Supporting and defending marriage by the interdependent, symbiotic gift economy of making. Who then are our 'others'? Who is our chorus? Whose prayers can we throw ourselves upon? .. 2v5 Love is a marathon, not a sprint. Let us be long haul lovers. .. v8 Love will face physical obstacles, practical encumbrances. v15 Love will face active personal resistance. .. All of these apply, in our fractal existence, also to our intimacy with Jesus, Eph5v18 drunk in God, so then to be Acticly ecstatic Ac2v13, in an inebriated, fox proof, long distance love.

So3-4 Longing. 3v1-3 Longing for the one you love. Of this there is no better picture than the betrothed-but-unmarried for Rm8v22-26 longing for the fullness of God, the experience of the now & the not yet. Ec3v11 eternity's longing to see Jesus face to face Rv22v4. Longing is both active and passive. We find ourselves wooed 4v1-11 we desire a thou who comes from outside us, unconstructed & overwhelming, surrendered unto. But 3v1-4 we pursue actively. Leave the comfort of your home, go into the city, put yourself in danger and pursue this God. 3v4 God is to be found. So marriage images God in its faithful pursuit of the other as the woman here, with love that 1Cor13v7 endures all things. 4v1-11 on being-delighted-in. Being delight in extravagantly. This is marriage, delighting-in and being-delighted-in; the second can be more difficult, somehow to be delighted in more than a very little provokes some kind of defense mechanism, like laughter or irony or broken eye contact. Disbelieving I could be so delighted in, these are defences to hide a fear of not being enough, and a fear of being found out as such. So too with jesus. not lingering with Jesus, avoiding his eye contact for too long in case he pours our a love song, where awkwardness & insecure I cannot cope with such love. We are extravagantly delighted in. Adored by the living God. I protect myself from this overwhelming fact by holding it at a distance. Let us practice being delighted in so excellently, that we would know deeply that we 4v9 captivate this God. So love songs, delcaring that the God who is real is like this.

So5-6 6v10 Did you see the sun today? A milky dazzle at dawn and an awe-some curling firey sunset. Such are we in the sight of God, like the moon when he shines on us, like the sun when he sets us alight. God wants a cosmic stellar bride for himself. .. 5v2 dreams, the subconscious and the uncanny. God gives us those desires, he seeds dreams. He stands at the door of the v3-4 indecisive heart and knocks, for those of us who know not what we want, he is our heart's desire, he has come to give us himself... 5v1 drunk with love, v8 sick with love. Come, let us be so entirely affected by no mere affection, oh gutsy yearning, for thee, for the Christ, for all the ways these fractals cohere. .. Of euphemistic hermeneutics. Talking about sex is like talking about God: destroyed by direct reductive unpoems. Emphatically we should talk about sex and freely, but within a necessarily poetic vocabulary. Not so much to protect kids but to save sex.

So7-8 Eros is given not taken 7v12, gifted not bought 8v7. These are conditions for 7v10 beloved belonging, as is 8v6 faithfulness. Faithfulness is a delight not an obligation because lovers savour particularity, like the particularity that makes a space a place, deepened and multiplied in its profundity beyond measure. Loving one's infinite uniquenesses. Lovers are therefore always doing 7v13 something old and something new, like the God who is always old and always new Is43v19, a fractal existence, ever-deepening, your otherness always a new thing to discover, and the new thing that emerges in being together rather than being apart. Unfaithfulness forgets this divine new life and seeks novelty that quickly fades. And this life, this unique love, it is divine, 8v6 the very flame of the Lord, the God who loves us passionately fiercely jealously is close when we are close. 1Jn4v7-12 We love as God loves because God loves. It is holy, this longing. And 8v6-7 love is strong, stronger than death even, imagine that, unquenchably alight. Let's go looking for flowers in skips 7v12, because we are God's, we are his and he is ours.

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