Sunday, 10 July 2011


A film about the frontiers of boredom, the causes and the consequences of that restless state. Boredom is escapism is a running away, a negatively defined space, a weightlessness, floating on a breeze, idle idlers washed down the river. Drawn out and on by a hope for a purer space, away from painted advertisements and the blood sacrifices of our fathers' former way, away from the rigours of ritual to that being present unto sunsets and beetles and rustled winds, all this but at a cost. Those who would seize the Kingdom by violence deny the very thing which makes the good life good, and that is the gift of it. So drift we with them in this parable without a punchline, and they, taking time, killing time, from killing, they make forts: a particularly architectural mode of therapy.

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ellearch said...

this is one of my tutor's favourite film. The whole living in the woods seems so idyllic.