Saturday, 18 June 2011

texting leviticus

Constructing texts from Texts, gleaning a tweet's-worth to carry us through the day, here's the beginning of our to-and-fro. If you'd like to play 07729056452.

...Lv14-16 We can still order our emotional worship and harness a delight in God by furnishing our mundane language with analogies for God's holiness. Unclean and contagious we were. New mercies to you.

Lv17-19 Be holy because you know & are chosen by a holy God. May your holiness every day be evident & distinctive in a culture of idol worship.

Lv20-22 As priests our romance is called to a higher holiness by a greater measure of covenant-reality-imaging. God sanctifies us, that we would sanctify God. What a strange significance, for we who are so tiny.

Lv23-24 Sabbathing a rest unlike the rest of distraction or entertainment but a ritual remembering God, re-orienting one's being around God's reality. We are to sabbath beyond what seems sensible in the world's currency as a declaration of dependence on God & not on ourselves. Sabbath to rejoice in God. So today.

When with God, we are freed to walk with a different posture, an other body language. When against him we will yet eat but suffer the unsatisfaction of wrong food or insatiable ingratitude? A query about urban perpetuity exceeds texting but what a radical and life-giving economy of restraint to the commodification of space is assumed to be possible here.

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