Saturday, 12 September 2009

i am the wrath of god

if anyone wants to join me in being spoilt by london, here was another beautiful thing, old news perhaps to the more widely exposed cinema types this was my first time seeing aguirre, and that on a whim while I was at the over-priced, over-long but otherwise charming 'radical nature' at the barbican.

aguirre. heroic in its production, absorbing in its soundtrack and explicit in its portrayal of the madness of greed and the danger of Religion. there is something that much more visceral about the type of cinema shot like this that embodies the spirit of protest in which it was written, that seduces you by the risk taken in production. there is a beautiful moment once with a baby sloth and then later with a butterfly, these, along with the backdrop of nature in its vastness, provide stark contrast to the smallminded anti-heroes, that are we who hope to mine, exploit and proselytise. elsewhere celebrated as hypnotic and poetic, truly it was.


ellearch said...

I was suppose to see this last month because the architects/landscapers who built eden project were doing a free talk, but I managed to missed it.

In the London Architecture Diary, it was one of the editor's top choices, although from the photos, it just looks like a green wall exhibit!

Philip Jackson said...

you can download the talks\;