Tuesday, 5 May 2009

to pete on lent

http://theydontmakemodernartliketheyusedto.blogspot.com/2009/05/unseasonal-austerity.html - (a to and fro perhaps)

leanings and leadings
your poem put me in
mind of my wasted lent
so stealing your rhymes
i'll post brief lament:

oh my wasted lent
was unspent and mis-spent
so unlearnt and unkempt
i failed dreams dreamt
of breaking idols once bent
oh help me Lord please
to re-lent


Anonymous said...

haven't yet expressed my gratitude for the gift you sent, with all its detail and attention. And I won't until its in ink on paper. Do I have the correct address?

p said...

In Confessions X.27 Augustine writes:
‘You shed your fragrance about me;
I drew breath and now I gasp for your sweetest odour.
I tasted you, and now I hunger and thirst for you’,
yet in X.33 he writes:
‘I ought not to allow my mind to be paralysed
by the gratification of my senses’.
Is his theology self-contradictory?
(IIA Theology and Religious Studies Tripos Examination 2006)

if i were a lenten fast-er
i would be an easter feast-er
but my life feels at times
(apologies for these 'rhymes')
too fast
to fast.

i know
that if we are without
a lenten peace,
hunger to feast
may fail to be within.

for the fast-er to easter moves slowly
for the faster the feaster would move
the more food he may have on his plate
but the less he may come to have ate.

Rachel Bush said...


Mary Frances said...

Jesus is the host.
Jesus us the Host.