Sunday, 25 May 2008


May 26th to August 16th, 2008
Do write letters, postcards.. anything.
I promise to write back.

Phil Jackson
c/o L'Abri Fellowship,
The Manor House,
Liss, Hants
GU33 6HF.
United Kingdom


Anonymous said...

no adress yet...but will write to you soon...I miss you a little bit
bristol is a beautiful city is rather virile XDD and....the pite's house is an oasis...only until saturday though

Anjali said...

Unimportant, but I've heard of this place! Std 10 dorm (at Hebron), there was a book somewhere. I looked at the pictures. Crazy. In India everything about Britain seemed pleasantly fictitious.

Anonymous said...

How do I contact you by email?

phil said...

jackson dot pa at gmail dot com - for things not postable.

Rachel Bush said...

When are you coming back to reality so you can update your blog again? You can't stay there forever you know.