Wednesday, 7 November 2007

facebook rhyming society

i rhyme and i will slight
facebook its not quite
what it used to be
now with this new type
newsfeeds me with all such
rubbish i don't like
knowledge i dont' need
time that i could spend
setting the world free
touching a new sea
i'm itching to both be
here and remain there
you virtually don't care
there is a truth out there
blink and you'll miss it
think that i'll skip it
christ knows i've been it
here's a forum to spit it
rhyme back to me if you
found something that is true
a fight big enough to
carry the day through


Danny said...

phil, I have deleted my FB acct and can't get to you.....what is your gmail address i'm trying to send you the Lecture.

Best regards

Philip Jackson said...

jackson dot pa at gmail dot com