Tuesday, 25 March 2008

you have heard it said

- I am conscious of the irony here, essentially I am saying “you have heard it said that you have heard it said.. but I tell you” Meh, either way, let me know if there is any currency in this train of though.. I find the 'you have heard it said, but I tell you...' model of preaching teaches people to be suspicious. It also engenders reactive rather than proactive models of church.

- The church is a body, a living entity, that can be damaged. No matter what the cessationists are saying across the road, no matter what the charismentalists have going on on a Sunday night, no matter how old fashioned the church you grew up in was.. The church includes them, they are part of a bride.. I think we depersonalise 'church' and the 'old church' and the 'emergent church', 'the vineyard church' and perhaps my having transitioned variously, I have names and faces in many camps, and so should we all (not all transition, I learn from my mistakes, but we should all have names and faces).. If you establish your church in reaction against another church on grounds less than the centrality of Christ, the seeds of disunity are sown. Paul thanks God constantly for the people of Rome, because of their faith.. Rom1:8.. I don't know whether this necessarily extends to 'under-preached issues' issues, and if it applies to doughnuts, I think the question bears more on the nature of a blog and whether it is the foundation of a divisive church and the substance of its preaching rather than honest questions in search of eventual unity.

- Iconoclastic is a word I've just learnt, although I'm not entirely I know what it means, so i'll plough on ad use it until someone corrects me, I think its is an idol smashing mentality initially, although it works out into a reactionary negating of all that has come before..

- So on that, some questions.

- Are people in the emergent church happy? Who blogs? Is blogging life in its fullness? Why is it overwhelmingly men on here? How do you disagree well online? Is my online unblemished self capable of receiving grace? Do I need Jesus to give me a new identity if I can get a new one each time I start a new blog? Is online community true community? Why did Jesus come to earth in an age before the internet? Is off-line Christianity more or less iconoclastic, more or less fractured, more or less fruitful? ~conscious of the substantial overlap in participation of the two, the question is more of time and resources committed and the proportional fruitfulness etc..

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Anonymous said...

check phil-blogs.blogpot.com
...curious....missing you

phil said...

curious and mildly terrifying.
missing you too anonymous.