Monday, 10 March 2008

some links, while i collect my thoughts

I haven't posted for a month. In which time I have been working on a few projects and have much to tell of cambridge, architecture, and such. I am also about to put my Sustainability and St Barnabas Dulwich essays up here.. hopefully with pictures. While I collect my thoughts over the next few days, try some of these below.. and the links i've got working down the right-hand side. :-)

Housemate and good friend james has started blogging:

And Peter, who has been blogging sets out something of a week in the life of a prayer warrior.. its
a call to arms, honest and hopefilled, and if you have a morning to spare. (!) read this:

Danah Boyd writes fascinatingly on the sociological implication of web2.0 SNS's and that:

Also interesting:

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