Tuesday, 25 March 2008

romans so far

Things I have learnt from JP so far.

- 'I the God of Romans 9 will be heralded, not just analysed and explained.'
- The big question in life is not 'who am I?' but 'whose am I?'
- Second-handers. A notion from IMRand, those people who spend their lives trying to please others.. vs there is only one person we need to please.

- The God-centred-ness of God is good news. Do we long for God's Glory?

- 'Grace is an undeserved power and enablement freely given for ministry'
- If you take your love affair with democracy into your relationship with God you will destroy Christianity.

- We can issue a call for conversion, only God can issue a converting call.

- Rom1:7 'Beloved of God' – re James' thoughts on poor teaching on Love.. JP draws out excellently the love God has for his chosen: “If [John3:16] is the extent of your understanding of God's love, you are not a christian..(!) ..a testament to the lightness of contemporary teaching on love” What bearing does that have on the doughnut situation? (Doughnuts it seems are now going to feature in all Phil's thinking on love) So the Rom1:7 Love that we should feed on, that should strengthen us is is the Ex11, Ex36, Jer31, Jer32:40, Luke22:20, Rom8:35,37

- “We exist to share a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples”

- Don't be invisible Christians, don't look to create invisible Christians.

- Rom1:14 I am a debtor to Greeks barbarians etc (KJV) – JP draws out brilliantly the nature of this obligation, that we have received a gift of grace in such a way that our debt is not so much to God as it is to all the peoples.. If you don't give grace away in your life, if you don't spend yourself to share the gift God gave you, what you are saying is that you deserve it and they don't, that you earnt it somehow.. and that nullifies grace. Do we think of the cynics and anti's as people we owe grace to?

- Then two weeks, ideas about unity (unity being my current itch) Rom1:8-15 be a thankful people. Paul thanks God for people, the faith he thanks God for is not a depersonalised bag of 'faith'. Then Rom1:16 as more we understand grace, the more we are obliged to minister grace to each other, being conduits of grace is a mutual/body thing, Paul desires a body in Rome, not just individual professions of faith.

- Rom1:16 – “You will be shamed, but you do not need to be ashamed.” And this by despising the shame, via the joy set before you (Heb12:2) What things currently cover our shame, cushion the potential shaming as a result of the gospel: comfortable church? Etc.. You can tweak the gospel so it doesn't bring shame..

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