Tuesday, 25 March 2008

the kingdom on holiday

Seeking first the kingdom on holiday:
- Where are you going? What are you doing there?To what end or purpose are you travelling? With whom are you going? For whom are you going? Spending whose money? To escape what? To gain rest in what, through what? To boast in what when you get back? ... What ultimately refreshes? How far does one have to travel to get that? What does a check-list of global destinations you've photographed yourself in front of do to advance mercy, justice and peace in the world? .. and will there be tourism in the new heaven and new earth?

- So I'm off to Wales. I think, rather like 'Your God is Too Small', 'Purpose Driven Life' is a book I should read, as it is a phrase I use, and the association may be misconstrued if the book is not indeed about what my use of 'purpose driven' would have it be about.. So, without being legalistic I am again convicted of a lack of intentionality in my life. I want to want this holiday to be purpose driven family time, purpose driven rest, purpose driven reading etc..

- Along with hand-washing dishes, holidaying in Britain is a notion of frugal discipleship for which I am indebted to my parents in establishing me in. (Prov 22:6) Issues of flying and whether or not the world is warming up are secondary to obedience and humility etc which are facets of that purpose towards which we are driven.. Is your honeymoon destination the most god-glorifying destination you can choose?

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Nyree said...

God glorifying honeymoon destination??? eek! Is it ok to travel?