Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Unity as the heart cry of a generation, was something confirmed to me at Cambridge. Another bunch of students longing for a defragmented body of Christ, humbling themselves and living out those prayers that God would heal their land.. I and they would love to see one church to emerge out of this tangle, not 'one' particular group with a name and a slogan, not the polemic, iconoclastic new church beloved of emergents, but an agreeing to disagree humble unity under one head. Rom15:5-6

It was an awesome weekend all in all down in sunny Cambridge, there was one moment which will stay with me particularly, when Tom was retelling the Last Battle and I could see out through the college room sash windows, past the budding magnolia, to the dying sunset throwing glorious red over the relief of the carving of the classically moulded front across the still evening courtyard in Cats.. Perhaps there is something mildly saccharine in such a recounting.. It would be for want of my ability to convey with suitable literary subtly the quiet beauty of story time with Tom, and the immortal feeling that sat about tea and cake, we could have been in any century.. This and the Last Battle, which I have not heard for ten years or so, CSLewis tells our story, further up and further in, the hope we all have for that existence to be more fully human etc..

Among my new acquaintances is Nic, who like Phil Wilson, has a boy's name, likes John Piper and his podcast and has a godliness which is apparent and compelling, these may be connected..

Godly masculinity prayers over the weekend, and not for myself, although I and we all could do with more of it. I then regretted it, for want of a way of expressing it better, or at least non-judgementally, perhaps the notion of masculinity needs to be preached into our vocabulary.. (Jim a post for your under-preached issues?)

Good chats about nature and numbness, hell and the suburbs. Are these conversations the germs of a seed of structural urban change in our generation? Without vision the people perish..?Prov 29:18 ..A believeable vision for an alternative to atomised existence in suburbia that deals with the problem not cosmetically but at the root. Anyone?

All in all God has been putting a steady stream of people, Fi, Nic, Tom, Karen, James, JP, to point me towards a biblical christianity, that is to say a bible drenched christianity.. Just heard Jerry Root speaking on bethinking recounting a time in seminary when he questioned why his tutor was quite so happy that day.. he had just that morning finished reading through his bible in devotions for the 200th time. There we go.

Unity humility prayer and that. x

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