Wednesday, 30 January 2008

note to danika - architectural scepticism

am i being undone? i would venture that scepticism *is* undoing in its very nature, and just as you become what you frequently do, and you become that which you worship, so too scepticism. scepticism is anathema to joy, and if and for as long as i adopt a joyless scepticism i will by degrees become more and more undone, unmade, towards a relative formless void. foresight? who can say, but the degree to which i do subscribe to this cynical view of my prospective profession, reflects the degree to which i lack a hope for change in human nature requisite for environmental salvation, which begets the degree to which i am less than fully human and so the degree to which i am part of the problem rather than part of the solution. i don't think i am being undone, in so much as i am probably melodramatic over how deep-rooted my scepticism is, i think there is hope, a hope beyond a socially conditioned echo of a former christendom. if there is truth then there is salvation.

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