Thursday, 10 January 2008

note to antonio - jan 08

Ehem, so yes, long live this petit plaisir of writing and eventually being written to, if and when a certain one of us pulls his weight in this enterprise. It is not so much in the concieving and constructing of letters that I am deficient, but the penning and posting. And yes a moment of silence for the sorry demise of critical theory seminars, a moment of silence in which to ponder, do we need a Liss to initiate these, I'd be all for rumouring an independent colloqium: join, write, alternately present, over dinner at a secret location periodically.

So here we are now in 2008, pondering the christmas that ought to have been, the christmas the marketeers hoped we thought we ought to have had, that indulgent christmas smuggled in under the guise of tradition, tinsel and that profoundly damaging notion of entitlement. To ought to have had, who can say. Meh (c)

Can God bless Newton? Can one bless the dead? And on a related note do creationists, indeed should christians believe that God still takes a sabbath on every seventh day? Is there a trinitarian on-call rota for the weekend?

I enjoyed an excellent, if over dramatic presentation on the life of Michael Polanyi, whose thoughts on 'tacit knowing' and critique of modernism and the veneration of scientific knowing would and i hope will fascinate you.

I am considering with some small seriousness the switch to architectural studies, I may be happier and more productive there, meh.

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